Upstarts in Felac'Delb

Session 21

Dealing with Eoric
-The upstarts are hanging out in the meeting room, and they notice a strangely inscribed marble pillar. While the others are marveling at it, Ironbeard lays some traps.
-When they’re about to get in for a closer look, they hear a voice and spin around to see Eoric Deepsong. He tells them that their ambush was very predictable, and that their runes made it easy for him to confirm who was setting it up. Then Cosuv and several other obsidian heart commandoes roll in.
-The pillar surges with energy and they are glued to it with telekinetic force. Eoric begins his villain speech:
never liked the combine, consolidation was good, but the idea in practice was wanting
found out that AY wanted to separate about a decade ago
almost ratted him out
adopted separation idea and has been plotting since
The Drow incident opened his eyes
a small group of elves have enhanced themselves and are allowed to resist the combine
same power is needed if the dwarves are to achieve independence
Searching for powerful magic, eventually happens upon The Pillar of Subjugation
experiments on their own were slow going and costly, then recovered the pillar two years ago (right when Ollin started hearing about him) and made leaps and bounds
Osnithar was “inside” it, who has helped Eoric ascend and begin the separation effort (start wars and bend them towards separation)
says AY ascended, saw the cycle, and wished to hinder it, while Eoric saw it and wishes to use it to uplift the dwarves (osnithar demonstration turns an OH guy into a demon thingy)
objective is to help dwarves, killing upstarts doesn’t necessarily help, if they’d be allies (UPSTARTS NOTICE THAT THEIR RUNES ARE GETTING HOT)
autumnshade has gained much power, and though not a danger now, if Eoric goes, bad will happen
autumnshade hates him for imagined crimes: she believes her family was killed for supporting the ER, but keeps her identity and the truth hidden
elves have historically been the aggressors, and the drow are all vicious killers
elves took his son from him, which even though he’s a bastard, is still an insufferable insult
if eoric dies, the tension will escalate to a civil war. Millions of civilians will be killed on both sides.
the archons will yield to autumnshade’s power and recall their army from prack to unleash them on the dwarves
Eoric has been plotting a more elegant way to defeat those who oppose him that will require minimal bloodshed on both sides
After bold words from the upstarts, their runes explode with power, and they are freed from the pillar.
-Alphonse notices that some chunks of amethyst were blown off the pillar from the ‘splosion and can tell that they’re magical, so he goes to check them out. Ollin zones in on Cosuv and they lock into a duel. Ironbeard turns into THE IRONGOLEM.
-Alphonse figures out that the chunks are connected to Osnithar, and attacks them with his will, which harms Osnithar. Arcturus sows some chaos with well-placed arrows. When Osnithar comes around to attack Alphonse, his swing goes through Alphonse’s decoy.
-Ollin and Cosuv dance back and forth, Cosuv grapples Ollin and fails to hit, Ollin gets him wedged between a table and a wall. Eoric and his minions concentrate their attacks on ironbeard/golem.
-Finally, Ollin guts Cosuv and joins the others. When he dies, his spirit flies out and Osnithar grabs it and uses the “energy” to buff some of Eoric’s soldiers in there. Arcturus sets the place on fire by knocking a candelabra into a stack of scrolls, extremely burning Osnithar. Alphonse finishes him off with a final attack through the crystal chunk. Osnithar explodes!!!
-Finally, some palace guards come in and ask what’s going on. Eoric makes a run for it.
-They chase him though the palace, knocking finely-made decorations and furniture around in the pursuit. Ironbeard changes out of the golem form. They catch up to Eoric as he bursts into the king’s chambers.
-Eoric tells “His Fortitude” that these men are The Upstarts that have been causing problems for the dwarves and the Combine as a whole, and that he narrowly escaped their ambush. They must be imprisoned and held tried as war criminals.
-The upstarts tag team, with alphonse and ollin spinning a tale about how the King (in his presumed forgetfulness) asked them to be here, and that Eoric is trying to manipulate him. Arcturus and Ironbeard follow it up by telling the truth about Eoric’s power play and the involvement with the revenant of Haxiutm. The king hears them out, and calls for Eoric’s arrest and a trial.
-Eoric loses his cool and goes to strike the king, but the Queen intercepts him and attacks him with Semadran magic (lights him on fire). The palace guards come and restrain him and take him to a cell. The queen thanks them, and says that the dwarves are a people of peace, and only went to war with the Ekwan Republic on the information of Eoric Deepsong, who they’ve proven to be untrustworthy. As a gesture of good faith, she tells Ironbeard that he and his family are pardoned of their treason.

-Hilda shows up and gives Ironbeard a huge hug. She tells him that she couldn’t leave him, and followed them to the city. She has a ship ready that was planned as an escape vehicle, but now is a way back to Ekwa. Ironbeard says that he’s going to stay here as an ambassador, and names Hilda Ironbeard.
-They all have a discussion about what to do with Eoric, that is, whether the trial will be complete BS and lead to a simple prison sentencing where he deserves much worse. They decide that since Eoric wanted to make the dwarves slaves to Haxitum, they will make him a slave, and sell him to the Orcs. Alphonse makes his best copy of Eoric and they bust him out of the cell and make the switch.
-Ollin takes the ship back to Ekwa and begins his work to start the Ekwan CIA equivalent.
-Alphonse goes back to Eklesa, runs into Diana, and they have the dramatic WWII kiss moment. He then goes to the Mage’s tower to begin work with Alfred Stormway as part of The Sovereign’s Hand.
-While Arcturus is traveling with Eoric, he is approached by an old elven man, who claims to have some affiliation with Lamder. He asks Arcturus if he’s really going to inflict the pain of slavery (which he points out that Arcturus knows well) on this man. Arcturus feels really bad, but is unwilling to forgive Eoric. Instead of selling him, he takes him to the former Aruroran lands and releases him into the Unholy Fvavalk Kingdom to be a “free man” and learn some humility. He then returns to Ekwa to take his place amongst the Blood Eagles.

Session 20
Home, Bitter Home

-Archon Yukanis tells Arcturus, Alphonse, Ironbeard, and Ollin that he will teleport them outside the Elven city of Pyath on Lorath so that they can get to The Drow. Ollin knows the way.

Outside Pyath
-Ollin recognizes where they are, says they need to go west to an old iron mine, since that’s where he found them the first time
-after a day’s journey, they come to the mine, but there’s a fort built over the entrance. Arcturus notices that they’re not flying Combine colors, so they’re curious.
-Ironbeard steps up offers to trade with them. they reveal that they’re The Iron Talon Bandits, and that they’ve never had a merchant come to them. Ironbeard does an impressive display of magic and they flip out. He then tells them that they just need to get through and that the mine is a secret passage his company made for ease of travel. They buy it and go through.
-Ollin leads the way, and they find a passage where reflective eyes shine back at them and tell them to GTFO. They name-drop Yukanis and the person steps into the torchlight. It is a drow named Araunio Musentan and he is the son of their elder, Tieilex Musentan. He walks them into their city, Drow Atnan (“the hidden place” in elven).
-Huge underground cavern with multi-story buildings inside, an underground lake, and large white-glowing mushrooms that provide light.
-They arrive in a meeting room where Tieilex is waiting for them. His daughter Viyara Musentan welcomes them to Drow Atnan and reminds them to be careful in their city.
-The upstarts tell Tieilex about Yukanis and his suspicions about Eoric Deepsong. Tieilex confirms it and says that he’d heard about that, so he brought someone else to talk with them.
-He introduces Lady Autumnshade (not a drow), who tells the upstarts that she’s been rallying the elves against Deepsong. She confirms that he is behind the unrest and is blaming elves for The Ekwan Republic. Through all this, she’s very elven supremacist and generally angered, which concerns the upstarts.
-She notes their distrust, and says that they should go to Pyath to see for themselves just what Eoric is doing to the people. They agree that some evidence is necessary (since they don’t want to just outright murder him), and they leave for Pyath.

Inside Pyath
-Ironbeard gets them past the walls and promptly receives a letter from his daughter Hilda via courier. It says that she just heard that he’s in Lorath and that he needs to meet her at the temple of Semadra
-Hoping for the best but expecting the worst, Ironbeard takes Alphonse with him inside the temple while Ollin and Arcturus post up outside in case anything bad happens.
-Inside Ironbeard finds his daughter and they have a moment together. Ironbeard can tell that something is wrong, and he asks her. All she says is that she’s sorry. Cosuv and a squad of Obsidian Heart agents step out from cover and start walking towards him.
-Alphonse busts out an illusion of ironbeard killing himself, which takes them all aback while Ironbeard grabs his daughter and runs out.
-Ollin takes a look inside and notices Cosuv, he and arcturus put together a distraction. Arcturus fires at them, and then Ollin grabs and pulls Cosuv into an alleyway. Ollin tells him to call off the pursuit, and he laughs. Ollin reminds him of the knife at his throat, and Cosuv reminds him of what happened last time his throat was cut. Ollin opens Cosuv’s throat, and his spirit flies out again, but this time it goes into one of the other OH agents and he winks at Ollin.
-They book it, eventually evading them. Ironbeard finds a stable and buys the best horse he can find for his daughter, who he tells to get to the Ekwan Repbulic. She kisses him goodbye and leaves.
-Ironbeard hears the creepy voice in his head again. It tells him that the way it kept his daughter safe was making her ally with those who would’ve done her harm. As long as she is one of them, she is safe. Ironbeard retorts by saying that all they’ll have to do is take out those who would do her harm. It replies by saying that they’ll be seeing each other soon then.
-The upstarts reconvene and decide that it’s time to go after Eoric Deepsong. As he’s one of the king’s cabinet members, the capital is a good place to start looking.

Torol, the Dwarven Capital
-Ironbeard namedrops himself and makes a bribe to get into the city. The party splits up to see if they can find out if Eoric is home and if they can get to him. They all meet up with a man named Tolf, who is a servant in the Royal Palace.
-Tolf confirms that Eoric is in town, and they discuss with him how to get inside. They tell him that they’re going to stop Eoric and put an end to the racism, which Tolf supports. They come in as servants (disguised by Alphonse’s illusions) through a side entrance with Tolf. Another servant comes in and tells them that they can’t be lounging around while the king is in a meeting, so they go to the kitchen and grab platters of goodies and go attend the King and his cabinet.
-While they’re passing stuff out as requested, they listen in on the meeting. Several advisers are talking to the King about Lady Autumnshade and how the elves are nearly ready to begin a civil war. Eoric Deepsong speaks up, and notes how the Combine is failing, and claims that the only way to survive is to separate. The queen makes a comment on how his argument is inappropriate and tired, but that the threat of separation might force the elven half of the combine to pacify its people. The king assents, and Eoric smiles
-Ollin had written a note for Eoric telling him to meet in a specified room after the meeting was finished to get information on Autumnshade’s latest activities. He Slips it under Eoric’s plate before the meeting is adjourned.

Session 19
City on Fire

On the Pjotlkraft
-fly over prack, see soldiers
-see some ships as they fly over the sea

Arrival on Ekwa
-see flames, big fire lites up the docks of the Old City, they head in
-lands outside of city gates in the outskirts, small encounter with detachment of dwarves that are setting the buildings on fire. ollin and alphonse take them out while ironbeard and arcturus rescue some elven families from the building that just got set on fire.
-once they’ve cleaned up, Duras and Ludan show up with a bunch of other orcs. they say that they’re on the Republic’s side and that their “timely arrival” may allow Duras to appear to be the savior of the city, elevating him above the other lords of the “republic”. he tells that as a blood eagle, its arcturus’ duty to see that the archon is safe. he’s been chillin in the channel the whole time.
-ludan speaks eloquently, and he and the army rush in to distract the dwarven army while the upstarts rush in.

In the city
-they go deeper into the city, and arcturus sees a strange being healing burn victims. he goes forward to investigate, sees a bunch of dwarven soldiers. he tries to hold the healer hostage, but they laugh him off. the healer reveals herself to be Andriya, a revenant of Semadra. she says that she’s here to investigate purported abuses using the channel, the soldiers are mercenaries from Bastion, which ironbeard recognizes as The Shield Bearers.
-awkward moment, then andriya says that she also wants to find the archon so they should cooperate. the upstarts confer, and then arcturus says that she can join them if she leaves her guard behind. she accepts, and tells them to leave the city and collect and survivors they find on the way.
-they go further…

The Channel
-rubble starts morphing into stony snake-men, which andriya identifies as Tanasispirits, probably called by Hilal The Keeper. the spirits take on waves of dwarven soldiers, and allow the upstarts to get closer to the channel.
-they spy a large group of dwarven soldiers going at the door to the channel with a battering ram. Andriya distracts half of them and they enter the battle.
-arcturus fires at the captain, ironbeard arcs lightning off of a weapons rack, alphonse creates phantom soldiers, and ollin fires at the lieutenant. the dwarves rush ironbeard but ollin intercedes, the captain launches a firebolt at rafters above alphonse to take him out but he avoids it. alphonse sets up an anti-magic field around the captain, stopping him from firing more fire. ollin guts and executes the lieutenant, arcturus fires an arrow at the captain made from the shards of Sishkaat’s corpse which hurts him terribly. they finish him off and the troops scatter.
-Andriya shows up and notes the injured ekwan republic soldiers near the door to the channel. she lifts the face of one of them, and it turns out to be Irith Hardhammer. she revives him and he vouches for them to all enter the channel.
-Archon Yukanis starts speaking from the channel, he and Andriya speak in the progenitor language. the archon says that he will submit to judgement after he tells his agents what must be done. he informs them of “the cycle”, which was created by the gods to prevent mortalkind from delving too deep into the nature of the universe and making the same mistakes as the progenitors. right now they are in a turning of the cycle, so the neutral gods must hold the line against the change brought on by the good and evil gods. the multitude of rebellions, including his own, are a result of this. the turmoil within the combine is as well, and it is being fueled by Eoric Deepsong. He too has “arisen” above his mortal status and seeks to manipulate the cycle, reason unknown. The archon charges them with finding out why and stopping him.
-He advises ollin to pay a visit to their friends, “under deep”.

Session 18
The Earthsmile

-While the party was standing in the square trying to wrap their brains around the disaster, Termina Vzorcaya bumps into them and asks them what’s going on. Ollin gives his best answer, and says that they’re going to travel to the Earthsmile.
-Termina suggests the Pjotlkraft, as she’s been holding it for Barthanas while Heinrich Pjotlmann is “in exile”. They all go for it.
-they cast off, headed for Wraybridge, Arcturus is still in awe of its capabilities. The Pjotlkrew is handling operations for the trip. the party gathers that Pjotlmann is serving his exile in the Fvavalk Kingdom by attempting to get them to construct airships so that he can return to The Kalashek with a fleet of them while leaving the orcs with an edge in their conquest.

-a crowd gathers as the ‘kraft comes in for a landing, Alphonse steps out first so that they get a better reception. guards bow to him and the others gathered assume that he built the airship.
-he tells the guards that he and the party need to get into the earthsmile to find a settlement, the guards tell him no such thing exists. an old man emerges from the crowd and says that he knows what Alphonse is talking about bc he’s been there. the man (Blind Harry) says that he went down there 50 years ago on an adventure and everyone died except for him. they were slain by walking corpses and wraiths of bitter darkness. people get him hushed up and they proceed into the town.
-they are determined to find the place, so they start asking around for a guide. with some help from alphonse, they get a hold of a soldier who walks patrols between the outposts and knows of the town. they take him and the Pjotlkraft into the Earthsmile.

The ‘Smile
-while flying down, Alphonse and Ironbeard try to get a magical read on the place they’re going through divination, but they “look away” before they can finish because there’s something terrible there that would’ve damaged their minds.
-when they disembark, they hear the sounds of approach, and Salchorix leaps down on them. He says that he got Arcturus’ message and has been harassing Combine forces ever since. he fled to the earthsmile hoping to find some shelter, but they followed him, probably because they knew who/what he was. he also noted that all of the forces sent to Bastion were elves, which is not the usual MO for a Combine military effort. Ironbeard notes that he’s heard that one of the King’s advisors, Eoric Deepsong, has been creating tensions between the elves and the dwarves, but it still doesn’t add up.
-Salchorix notes the evil of the place they’re about to enter, and tells Arcturus to trust nothing within. he leaves to engage the pursuing combine forces as the pjotlkraft takes off.
-the party enters the run down and ruined town, and there’s a passage in the back decorated with the torch of Semadra that goes into the canyon wall. Arcturus finds a bat and communes with it. it tells him that the passage is blocked, and that is was done recently. Ollin goes in to check it out, hears noises outside
-skeletons and wraiths are appearing from inside the town, coming for the party. Alphonse and ironbeard set to work on the blockage, while ollin and arcturus hold of the bagguys. Ollin notices some precarious rocks and goes sneaking in into the crowd to take out some of the monsters. Arcturus notices some dry vegetation, gets ironbeard to ignite it with lightning, then fires flaming arrows into the horde. Alphonse makes illusory soldiers to confuse the monsters, ironbeard weakens the blockage by turning the rocks into smaller pieces of platinum, which alphonse blasts through with force evocation. He rips the precarious rocks from the cieling onto the monsters as the party gets into the tunnel.

-they light up torches, Ironbeard notes that the construction looks like its dwarven-inspired. their torches start sputtering because of unnatural darkness. it starts getting strangely warm. ollin sneaks off ahead and accidentally breaks the crumbling floor, which reveals that the structure they’re in is built around some small lava streams.
-they continue on, and run into some nasty drider-demon things and skeletons. Arcturus headshots one, but its still going. the demons infuse two of the skeletons with dark magic, which makes them grow ice spikes from their bodies and have glowing blue eyes. they pounce on ironbeard, but ollin interposes and takes a bad hit. ironbeard blasts some with nature magic, alphonse confuses the shit out of one of the demons, and arcturus puts another arrow into one of them.
-skeletons swarm alphonse, who blocks with mantle of defense, arcturus leaps onto the back of one of the demons and he and ollin get to work on it. Alphonse and ironbeard take out more skeletons. only a few are left, and they turn tail, but the last demon is pinned by arcturus and taken out.
-Alphonse has a minor injury from the skeletons, and he and ironbeard can tell that these are demons of Sheshtui.
-They look around, Ironbeard finds a Semadran altar, Arcturus notes that it’s been defiled with Sehstui stuff. They recover a bloody dagger of Kalashek make and some nice Clan Sardis artifacts.
-Ollin looks down the hall and sees more demons and skeletons around a big altar, they prepare to attack. Ironbeard makes a trap with the dagger he found, ollin and arcturus prepare opening shots. they fire, and take out one of the spider-demon things. From the middle of the demons comes a thing that looks like Hilal The Keeper that was at the channel, but this one looks quite evil.
-They rush in, taking out skeletons as they go. On the altar, they see a blade made out of ice and a large golden lantern. Arcturus fires an arrow at the blade and obliterates it, which injures Sishkaat. Alphonse creates illusory replicas of the sword to screw with the skeletons, who were flocking to it for some kind of power. Ironbeard runs for the lantern, it turns on when he grabs it and starts repelling the lighting things on fire, namely the moss-covered floor. The demons respond with many ice spikes and swarming skeletons. Sishkaat makes an illusory field of innocent civilians as a distraction and swears “By the deceiver of Gods” that he will send their souls to the darkness.
-The party finally takes out all of the skeletons and begins taking out more demons by taking advantage of their disorganization from alphonse’s illusions and the burning-moss floor. The bagguys respond with much force, Arcturus gets impaled by an ice spear from Sishkaat, ironbeard heals him a bit with the lantern, which is using powerful semadran magic. PCs get more injured. Alphonse creates a seeming of a large earth elemental
-More Arcturus-Ollin teamwork to finish off the demons. Sishkaat summons tiny ice wraiths to harry the party. Ironbeard gets some fingers taken off by Sishkaat but turns them into potent alkaline chemicals to dissolve the icy form of Sishkaat. Epic combo of Alphonse’s elemental, Arcturus shooting at stalactites which fall down, and Ironbeard’s salty fingers to set Ollin up for the knife-to-the-face finish of Sishkaat.
-they look around, find more sardis artifacts and find a journal by a Kalashek mage who says that he has finally become more powerful than his nemesis Alphonse Hayek by pledging himself to Shestui, and explains that he was responsible for ending the life of Timothy Arontaler.
-With the dagger, the lantern, and the journal they head out. The combine troops are waiting for them outside and try to get them to hand over their valuables, but Salchorix shows up and together they rout the troops. Sal says that he’s going to continue the fight for the Free Cities, and wishes them luck. The Pjotlkraft lands again and they head off.

Back in Eklesa
-When they arrive in the city, Ironbeard brings out the lantern and it burns away the blackness surrounding the Soverign’s palace and there’s the sound of nasty things dying. Viserigon shows up with his cronies next to them, and a minute later Barthanas walks out, sword in hand. He and Viserigon have an odd exchange in which Viserigon yields the election to him.
-Barthanas has a victory speech and declares that the Kalashek way is the true way, and all those who deny and resist it are their foes and shall be destroyed, unless they convert.
-Ollin hands over the evidence and they explain what happened and why, then Barthanas orders Viserigon to handle it. Barthanas pulls out a letter that he says is for Archon Yukanis, and it is a formal acknowledgement of the Ekwan Republic and an offer of alliance. He peaces out.
-Christina Selmy comes out of the door (people have been exiting the whole time, including many of the senators) with her brother’s body. She explains that he died early in the lockdown. As soon as Alfred Stormway set off some huge spell and was possessed by a demon, Rick Stern charged over and delegged him, and was overwhelmed by other demons. His sword starts humming and roots grow out of the ground and repair his wounds. He gets up and is resentful of his sword.
-Lagto Gjinchar Takosh approaches Arcturus and says that he is very impressed, and Arcturus’ gramba is unquestionable. He humbles himself to ask Arcturus to join the Fvavalk kingdom. Arcturus says no thanks bro and walks off to meet up with the party.
-Ironbeard shows off the stuff they found from clan Sardis and the Kalashek receive him very well. He has opened their eyes to foreigners.
-Alphonse meets up with his mentor, Herald Grayson, who tells him that while Viserigon was running the city, he did a lot to investigate the thieves guild and point fingers at people. Alphonse was slandered pretty heavily, but he played an important role in the election, and it won’t be forgotten. He tells him that when things cool off, he should come back and take his rightful place as a member of the Sovereign’s hand. As a final piece of advice, he says that Ekwa is in danger of attack, and that Yukanis must know this. He should go with his former party to see that their new allies survive.

Session 17
A Black Day

(entire party)
-enters ETG headquarters, go to see Anderstein. He tells them that they’re gonna leave since the hammer is coming down. Alphonse, Diana, and he stay in the office to pack up the important things, other three leave to help with the general effort and try to find the runes. They do and Ironbeard identifies them (2 necromancy, 1 nature, 1 evocation, 1 divination)
-anderstein says to diana and alph that the three of them need to save their asses because the rest of the guild is expendable and not trustworthy, they get the important stuff and head for the emergency teleportation room

-pocket the runes, go upstairs because the guards are knockin. force of 30 guards and two mages lead by alistair viserigon. asks about zane, with no answer, says that viserigon will pardon those who assist them, still no cooperation.
-the group says that they were held captive by the ETG, as ironbeard is a wealthy foreign merchant, which they eventually accept via more lies. many of the thieves see which way the wind is blowing and side with the guards, so they enter. they hear an explosion from down below

-walk to teleporter, anderstein looks at the door for a second, and it explodes. He’s seriously injured, diana and alphonse are okay. orc dude and three thugs show up and go for them
-alphonse makes phantom helpers but the baddies swarm him. he gives up and tries to grab anderstein and telekinetically toss him into the teleporter, which fails. He and diana make it through. they’ve been teleported outside of the city about a mile. diana closed it behind them
-diana is glad that alph tried to save her dad, but sad that it didn’t go through, she’s kinda broken, says she’s gonna lay low in Refthek. Alphonse manages to convince her to come back to eklesa on the hopes that they can revive her father or rescue him

-follow alistair to the source of the explosion, see the teleporter room and the orc and his thugs carrying anderstein’s body.
-he’s alive, and alistair gives the orc a bag of coins, saying “congrats, Shor, you’re now the wealthiest traitor in the city”
-AOI bug out quickly, because they recognize the orc guy
-bells ring outside, indicating that the first voting session is concluded

-Ollin and arcturus go the inn to drop off their recovered runes, ironbeard goes to the tavern to chill out and contemplate the situation with his daughter
-telepathically contacted by a creepy thing, it says that it can offer him a helpful hint if he lets it protect his daughter. he agrees.
-it tells him that something nasty will happen in the city, and that the path to “purging the darkness” lies deep beneath the surface, “where one feels warmth but sees blackness” which ironbeard thinks is a reference to the earthsmile (a big ravine on the kalashek/combine border)
-he is left to finish his meal, then meets up with ollin and arc

-drop off runes, run into herald grayson, who’s looking for alphonse. ollin tells him that he was last seen in the ETG base, which grayson shakes his head at
-ollin asks some questions about grayson’s political alliegance, which grayson responds “small questions from a small man”. grayson says that when they see alphonse send him to the mage’s tower

-they meet and try to find alphonse, which they do at the gate.
-they all head to the mage’s tower and walk by the soverign’s palace, where they run into barthanas and his bodyguards
-the 7 of them go to grayson’s study, but bodyguards wait outside

-barthanas is angry that alphonse put the ETG on his side, but grayson points out wisdom in giving him deniability
-barthanas says something grayson wanting alphonse to be one of the Executors, which he explains as “population managers” who ensure that the Kalashek way remains true throughout the nation
-everyone else thinks it sounds really sketchy, but alphonse digs it
-barth leaves to go to the next vote, more small talk, grayson tells ironbeard to remember the name “melissa sardis”
-they go outside to read the results of the vote, and viserigon is trending upwards over barthanas. barthanas is already inside, and they see visergion enter
-silence, then cold, then soverign’s palace surrounded in blackness and an eclipse of the sun. viserigon runs out saying that dark things are within and that he needs to rescue flosshilde and the rest of the senators so that he can be the hero.
-ironbeard recalls the hints he got, and a sage nearby tells them that Melissa Sardis founded a Hirogen clan under Semadra back in the day with their main temple in the earthsmile, but they got wiped out by followers of Sheshtui and are essentially forgotten.
-they resolve to go to the earthsmile on the pjotlkraft

Session 16
Mortal Peril

-Ollin fights with scout guy, good even fight, Ollin wins, guy congrats him.
-Arcturus with ETG guys (and Diana) make big distraction by engaging Sebastian’s guards, success, but diana is caught by the guards as they make extraction. She seems injured from teleporting inside. She’s taken with two of the ETG guys into the stadium for some kind of showy declaration.
-when she’s out, sebastion says she and the ETG have violated this contest and calls for their arrest, which viserigon endorses. chaos in the crowd, many people bug out
-all pcs pitch in to get diana out, they piece out, except ollin who the baddies talk to
-visergion says that he will repeal the arrest order on ollin and the party if he agrees to a one-on-one fight with sebastion. if ollin loses he must publicly support the effort to take down the ETG. he agrees, and wins the fight by arrowing ors. visergion goes into the conclave and letheirax goes to interrogate an ETG guy who’s doing a plea bargain
-diana, ironbeard, alphonse, and arcturus go to the city to mobilize a thieves guild escape, see the guards coming out of the boys heading towards the fish place

Session 15
Ready? Set...

-Arcturus heads over to Ironbeard to show him the runes. Arcturus reveals that he got them from the ETG. Alphonse was also on his way back and hears them from the other side of the door, so he decides to not interrupt them.
-Ollin makes his way back to the other two and reports that The Combine has taken Bastion. Ollin and Arcturus reveal that they will be at the tournament tomorrow, and Ironbeard says he’ll come along to watch.
-Alphonse goes back to the ETG base and meets up with Diana Anderstein. She coyly asks him about his relationship availability, Alphonse says he’s open, so she gives him a teasing kiss and reveals that her rune allows her to teleport away.

-The next morning, Arcturus leaves to go to Anderstein Fish to meet up with the ETG. In the back room, he meets up with some other thieves, who are gonna be screwing with contestant’s equipment. He slips off to walk over to Vigil’s Hill (a mile outside of Eklesa) with Ollin and Ironbeard.
-They see some familiar faces (Richard and Christina Selmy and Sebastion Ors). Ollin goes to check out the place where they’ll fight, and it looks like the same one as where he fought Rick Stern. Arcturus and his thief-buddies disguise as people who walk around selling food to get freedom of movement.
-Alphonse goes to the tournament with Diana and sits near the big players (namely Barthanas). He talks about his plans, and Diana says that it sounds like they won’t see each other, so he offers her a place when he becomes big master-spy man, and she smiles.
-The first few matches go down, Arcturus and his dudes make a distraction (two-for-one fries) and hex their target’s weapon.
-Ollin goes into his fight and his teammates fail him, but he kicks ass and achieves victory. Does a few more fights and then enters into the top-tier (individual) fights. Arcturus and Ironbeard are trying to find him to congratulate him, but are intercepted by another ETG guy (who recognizes Arcturus) and says that they’re wanted men, since they’re working for Barthanas, and jumps them with six other guys. They defeat many of the attackers, but decide to run and lose them in the crowd.
-As the high-level fights begin, Diana tells Alphonse she has to do her ETG duties, but she’ll be right back. Ollin is about to go up against a fast-looking guy, mentally steels himself.

Session 14
Personal Endeavours

-Alphonse notes Diana‘s rune: dimensions-related
-He continues on and locates Bartholomew, gets him to talk to Phillip Kariosi. Ultimately he threatens to take runes, which gets Anderstein to cooperate. Arcturus was listening in, and hears this.
-Alphonse and Anderstein go to visit Kariosi with some ETG thugs, Arcturus hides to look for runes when they’re gone. He disguises himself as a guy that works for the fish place. The ETG thugs in the main room see through it, and tell him to get out, and he eventaully convinces them that he wants to join. They go to look for tom (the dude in who’s next in the chain of command after diana) and he sees the runes while they’re looking for him.
-They get to Tom, who notices Arcturus’ scars, and Tom says that he can join on the condition that he helps them at the warriors competition tomorrow. He accepts, and on his way out jacks the runes. A guy sees him but thought he was trying to steal his fries, so Arcturus gets out.
-On the streets, Alphonse goes with Bartholomew to bully Kariosi. Bartholomew gets straight to business, and Kariosi backs down. Outside they run intoZane Braginsdale, who says that catching Alphonse with thieves will put Alphonse out of a career. Not liking that option, Alphonse initiates a fight. Alphonse swarms him with phantom guards, then Zane hits him with a Tsunami of summoned water. They both get really banged up, Zane ends up with a broken jaw and Alphonse gets concussed. Zane gives up and gets taken prisoner by ETG.

-Pjotlmann and Ollin talk about not killing Viserigon, with Ollin explaining that he wasn’t expecting to have to kill anyone. Pjotlmann talks to Diana about dealing with the semi-failed mission.
-Ollin meets Cristina at the bar, gets some genlock barley wine (a dwarven brand) to impress her.
-They talk about the relative merits ofBarthanas vs Viserigon. Eventually Rick Stern shows up to “assess his skills” for the proving, they go to the fighting square in the Steel District of Eklesa.
-Cristina does some drinking and boasting on Ollin’s behalf on their way over. When they arrive, Ollin and Rick enter the arena, and Cristina operates the levers.
-First they get some uneven terrain, and they go at each other, then Cristina applies some fire. They dance around that, then she adds some smoke. Ollin takes a big beating but doesn’t give up, so Rick calls it and says that Ollin is definitely good enough.
-Ollin talks about his past and recent experiences with kalashek, Cristina and Rick laugh about it. Cristina gives Ollin a healing potion to help with the injuries, and Rick absorbs life from some nearby trees. A Kalashek soldier runs up to Rick and hands him a note. He reads it and smiles, then says that The Combine has taken over Bastion.

Session 13
Uninvited Guests

On the Pjotlkraft:
-Pjotlmann walks Alphonse to his quarters and they talk about “party-crashing” going on later tonight.
-Ironbeard, Arcturus, and Ollin talk about their next move, and they recall the problem with the statue of Timothy Arontaler as described to them by Dimitri Stonelaw. They decide to follow up on it.
-They pay a visit to William Barthanas, who happens to be meeting with Thomas Dolinorn, the executor of Arontaler’s will. He details the problem: Arontaler had money set aside for the statue, but the Western Builder’s Guild couldn’t come up with the resources in time, so they are using the money for a rebuilding project in the Riverlands.
-head for pjotlhauser tolls, find stuff in his safe, indicates that the ETG is involved.
-Alphonse shows up, says that they should just go to the ETG and talk with them to work things out peacefully

Anderstein Fish visit
-Ironbeard bows out
-infiltration, alph uses secret entrance
-Alph enters, talk with Diana, Ollin sneaks in too, gets seen
-Diana steals Ollin away with Pjotl, Arcturus is outside, confused

-Diana briefs Ollin and Pjotl on mission
-head out, O&P make their way to party room
-Pjotl makes a scene, O draws Vis away to talk about security failures
-Sebastian Ors comes out, initiates fight bc he knew about the operation and O’s part in it

Session 12
You Again

-goes to buy off diviners, logic goes as: viserigon is bad, do spying on him, payment for work. Diviners are like cool, who wants this done, alphonse says grayson wants to am (mislead him, give alph the power while giving him deniability)
-zane appears, tries to get them instead, alphonse deflects supremely and he leaves, shamed
-alph tells the diviner he’s got a special mission for them: making sure viserigon’s spy shit is legit, they accept
-stormway comes, makes dark and pain, alphonse troubled, tells him to open his mind and heart
-alphonse goes to feast w pjotlmannen, many pomp, barthanas comes around to pjotl and alph, alph has private meeting
-rickstern am there as bodyguard, loling at alphonse’s presence, alph lays the plan down after deciding that barthanas might bite, he bites, once he sees that alphonse is playing the game against itself and rickstern nods eagerly.
-barth tells alph that his friends are back in town, and that he should use them to further the campaign and make resources available to them (ie join the party)

-go to Viserigon‘s part of the soverign’s palace, and see Letheirax and the swordsman who was in the street fight with Rick Stern when they arrived in Eklesa. Letheirax recognizes Ollin, and lets three of them in. Stupid nice interior. Strange interest in Ironbeard‘s name.
-they make their pitch to Visergion, and he says that it’s the same thing they said to William Barthanas, and they panic. Visergion pulls out a letter from his spies and says that he has something they may want to hear, and he’s not sharing until they offer a better deal. Ollin offers to give them an in on the Ekwan Republic by having the Kalashek set up a training program for their spies and such, and Arcturus offers them the opportunity to study at the channel.
-viserigon is pleased, reads the letter, from a spy of his in The Combine, who talks about unrest being spread amongst the dwarves by Eoric Deepsong, and says that she has gone into hiding because the combine is after her now that her father’s involvement in the rebellion is known. It’s signed “H”, which Ironbeard connects the dots to mean his daughter Helga, who was acting president of The Ironbeard Trading Company.
-Vis says that if he doesn’t win, he can’t guarantee the safety of spies like Helga, much resentment from party, but Ironbeard says he’ll do his best to make sure his daughter is safe.
-AOI leave and start talking amongst themselves about who they should support. They lean towards visergion first because he has less overtly destructive goals and because of Ironbeard’s daughter. Soon after, IB decides that he can disown his daughter to make her a target no more, and they conclude that viserigon is too slimy so they settle on supporting Barthanas.

-leaves the sages’ tower for breakfast in the square, sees the pjotlkraft landing in front of the tower while blaring a “landing horn”. walks over with the gathering crowd to say howdy.
-meanwhile, AOI can see the pjotlkraft from the square as well so they follow the crowd to it, and spot alphonse. they approach through the crowd, IB is quite curious, O is feeling sneaky, and A is plain awestruck. O sneaks up to Alph and says hi, then the others approach with greetings.
-pjotlmann and alph have some words and invite AOI onto the kraft. the obvious question of alphonse’s departure comes up, and he says that some thieves took the runes so he chased after them with Termina Vzorcaya and they lead here, where he lost them. they buy it, but just barely.
-they take off in the kraft, and blare the horn again for the sages. they make introductions and explain that they’re supporting barthanas in the election to help the ER. Pjotl and Alphonse approve.
-lunch is served (cooked by Jeddre) and then pjotl and alph go to the captain’s cabin so that pjotl can get the story from alph. Ollin follows and listens in on the talk from a precarious position. Alph tells it true and pjotl listens, then they hit a rough patch and ollin nearly falls off the ship but is left hanging in full view of the main window in the captain’s cabin.
-pjotl pulls him inside and they discuss what he just heard. alph admits his lie but says to ollin that he should understand (as a former assassin) the need for temporary secrets. Al and Pj pitch to O that he should join up with the ETG to help the cause. he reluctantly accepts and joins IB and Arc.


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