Upstarts in Felac'Delb

Session 11

Choosing Carefully

Rough Draft:

-on desk, invitation to barthanas’ feast and to viserigon’s feast, alphonse says “heh”
-goes to dinner with mentor, they talk about the runes, alphonse hears who may need them, mentor disapproves of alphonse’s self-serving behavior. goes on a rant about how “back in his day” kalashek were great because they saw the big picture and always worked for the nation. knowledge drop about archon yukanis. mentor says that he unofficially supports barthanas because he wants to go back to the old ways
-alphonse mulls everything over and decides to hit up his old friend bartholomew anderstein and conjures up a plan to get him and the diviners in his pocket so he can has mega-theiving and be at the head of an awesome network.
-goes to anderstein’s, which is hidden in the back of a fish guttery, runs into diana, who he gives the cold shoulder to. anderstein shows some of his illusion powers, which alphonse tops by orders of magnitude. alphonse makes the pitch to him, and he dances around to see what alphonse’s angles are, trust in alph and the potential of the deal makes him jump on it. he agrees to put some of his men on screwing viserigon’s operations (mutual enemy, since he’s equally tricksy). handshake between master&apprentice

-looking for soverign’s palace, ironbeard asks a few people, finds a dwarven guardsman (dimitri stonelaw), and he gives him the location, but says its gonna be a hell of a wait. ironbeard puts on the charm and gets stonelaw to give him priority in exchange for a drink and for some reminiscing at the silver hearth
-they go to the silver hearth later that night, ollin talks politics with letheirax, and ironbeard talks to stonelaw about much the same. they come away with general outlines of barthanas and viserigon’s plans
*barthanas wants to restore glory to the kalashek by waging war against the combine and taking lands from them
*viserigon wants to keep the combine at bay with a spy war, while strengthening the economy of the kalashek
letheirax gives ollin a priority meeting with viserigon for the next day (after the one with barthanas)
-they has accomodations, then next morning, they find Stonelaw, who uses his authority to bring them into the palace, then to barthanas’ office
-inside he has r&t, his wife, and some other dude, tail end of some explanation as they walk in. introductions via stonelaw, ironbeard says they’re from the ER, and that they’ll willing to trade good quality iron for recognition. barthanas tentatively bites, and pitches them his plan, including the role of the Unholy Fvavalk Kingdom. arcturus perks up. barthanas’ wife drops the adultery bomb on viserigon
-AOI thank him and leave, arcturus goes to send a message to the salchorix in Bastion telling them about barthanas’ plans for the orcs. ollin saw that t was following him, so he tails her. ironbeard heads to a common area, where he sees r snacking on some caramel candy.
-after A writes his letter, t speaks up and starts pestering him about what the letter was for, tries to get him to enter the warrior’s tournament as an archer for barth. ollin watches their argument, they both decide that its going nowhere so they mutually back off. as t is leaving, O says that he might be willing to fight for barthanas, but they need to talk it over at the silver hearth. she accepts.


Is love in the future for our ever-atoning assassin, Ollin Gualimozin?

Tune in to “Upstarts of Felac’Delb” NEXT WEEK to find out—same Ekwan Standard Time, same Ekwan channel!

But seriously, I’m looking forward to more political intrigue and revelations soon.

Session 11

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