Upstarts in Felac'Delb

Session 13

Uninvited Guests

On the Pjotlkraft:
-Pjotlmann walks Alphonse to his quarters and they talk about “party-crashing” going on later tonight.
-Ironbeard, Arcturus, and Ollin talk about their next move, and they recall the problem with the statue of Timothy Arontaler as described to them by Dimitri Stonelaw. They decide to follow up on it.
-They pay a visit to William Barthanas, who happens to be meeting with Thomas Dolinorn, the executor of Arontaler’s will. He details the problem: Arontaler had money set aside for the statue, but the Western Builder’s Guild couldn’t come up with the resources in time, so they are using the money for a rebuilding project in the Riverlands.
-head for pjotlhauser tolls, find stuff in his safe, indicates that the ETG is involved.
-Alphonse shows up, says that they should just go to the ETG and talk with them to work things out peacefully

Anderstein Fish visit
-Ironbeard bows out
-infiltration, alph uses secret entrance
-Alph enters, talk with Diana, Ollin sneaks in too, gets seen
-Diana steals Ollin away with Pjotl, Arcturus is outside, confused

-Diana briefs Ollin and Pjotl on mission
-head out, O&P make their way to party room
-Pjotl makes a scene, O draws Vis away to talk about security failures
-Sebastian Ors comes out, initiates fight bc he knew about the operation and O’s part in it



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