Upstarts in Felac'Delb

Session 15

Ready? Set...

-Arcturus heads over to Ironbeard to show him the runes. Arcturus reveals that he got them from the ETG. Alphonse was also on his way back and hears them from the other side of the door, so he decides to not interrupt them.
-Ollin makes his way back to the other two and reports that The Combine has taken Bastion. Ollin and Arcturus reveal that they will be at the tournament tomorrow, and Ironbeard says he’ll come along to watch.
-Alphonse goes back to the ETG base and meets up with Diana Anderstein. She coyly asks him about his relationship availability, Alphonse says he’s open, so she gives him a teasing kiss and reveals that her rune allows her to teleport away.

-The next morning, Arcturus leaves to go to Anderstein Fish to meet up with the ETG. In the back room, he meets up with some other thieves, who are gonna be screwing with contestant’s equipment. He slips off to walk over to Vigil’s Hill (a mile outside of Eklesa) with Ollin and Ironbeard.
-They see some familiar faces (Richard and Christina Selmy and Sebastion Ors). Ollin goes to check out the place where they’ll fight, and it looks like the same one as where he fought Rick Stern. Arcturus and his thief-buddies disguise as people who walk around selling food to get freedom of movement.
-Alphonse goes to the tournament with Diana and sits near the big players (namely Barthanas). He talks about his plans, and Diana says that it sounds like they won’t see each other, so he offers her a place when he becomes big master-spy man, and she smiles.
-The first few matches go down, Arcturus and his dudes make a distraction (two-for-one fries) and hex their target’s weapon.
-Ollin goes into his fight and his teammates fail him, but he kicks ass and achieves victory. Does a few more fights and then enters into the top-tier (individual) fights. Arcturus and Ironbeard are trying to find him to congratulate him, but are intercepted by another ETG guy (who recognizes Arcturus) and says that they’re wanted men, since they’re working for Barthanas, and jumps them with six other guys. They defeat many of the attackers, but decide to run and lose them in the crowd.
-As the high-level fights begin, Diana tells Alphonse she has to do her ETG duties, but she’ll be right back. Ollin is about to go up against a fast-looking guy, mentally steels himself.



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