Upstarts in Felac'Delb

Session 16

Mortal Peril

-Ollin fights with scout guy, good even fight, Ollin wins, guy congrats him.
-Arcturus with ETG guys (and Diana) make big distraction by engaging Sebastian’s guards, success, but diana is caught by the guards as they make extraction. She seems injured from teleporting inside. She’s taken with two of the ETG guys into the stadium for some kind of showy declaration.
-when she’s out, sebastion says she and the ETG have violated this contest and calls for their arrest, which viserigon endorses. chaos in the crowd, many people bug out
-all pcs pitch in to get diana out, they piece out, except ollin who the baddies talk to
-visergion says that he will repeal the arrest order on ollin and the party if he agrees to a one-on-one fight with sebastion. if ollin loses he must publicly support the effort to take down the ETG. he agrees, and wins the fight by arrowing ors. visergion goes into the conclave and letheirax goes to interrogate an ETG guy who’s doing a plea bargain
-diana, ironbeard, alphonse, and arcturus go to the city to mobilize a thieves guild escape, see the guards coming out of the boys heading towards the fish place



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