Upstarts in Felac'Delb

Session 19

City on Fire

On the Pjotlkraft
-fly over prack, see soldiers
-see some ships as they fly over the sea

Arrival on Ekwa
-see flames, big fire lites up the docks of the Old City, they head in
-lands outside of city gates in the outskirts, small encounter with detachment of dwarves that are setting the buildings on fire. ollin and alphonse take them out while ironbeard and arcturus rescue some elven families from the building that just got set on fire.
-once they’ve cleaned up, Duras and Ludan show up with a bunch of other orcs. they say that they’re on the Republic’s side and that their “timely arrival” may allow Duras to appear to be the savior of the city, elevating him above the other lords of the “republic”. he tells that as a blood eagle, its arcturus’ duty to see that the archon is safe. he’s been chillin in the channel the whole time.
-ludan speaks eloquently, and he and the army rush in to distract the dwarven army while the upstarts rush in.

In the city
-they go deeper into the city, and arcturus sees a strange being healing burn victims. he goes forward to investigate, sees a bunch of dwarven soldiers. he tries to hold the healer hostage, but they laugh him off. the healer reveals herself to be Andriya, a revenant of Semadra. she says that she’s here to investigate purported abuses using the channel, the soldiers are mercenaries from Bastion, which ironbeard recognizes as The Shield Bearers.
-awkward moment, then andriya says that she also wants to find the archon so they should cooperate. the upstarts confer, and then arcturus says that she can join them if she leaves her guard behind. she accepts, and tells them to leave the city and collect and survivors they find on the way.
-they go further…

The Channel
-rubble starts morphing into stony snake-men, which andriya identifies as Tanasispirits, probably called by Hilal The Keeper. the spirits take on waves of dwarven soldiers, and allow the upstarts to get closer to the channel.
-they spy a large group of dwarven soldiers going at the door to the channel with a battering ram. Andriya distracts half of them and they enter the battle.
-arcturus fires at the captain, ironbeard arcs lightning off of a weapons rack, alphonse creates phantom soldiers, and ollin fires at the lieutenant. the dwarves rush ironbeard but ollin intercedes, the captain launches a firebolt at rafters above alphonse to take him out but he avoids it. alphonse sets up an anti-magic field around the captain, stopping him from firing more fire. ollin guts and executes the lieutenant, arcturus fires an arrow at the captain made from the shards of Sishkaat’s corpse which hurts him terribly. they finish him off and the troops scatter.
-Andriya shows up and notes the injured ekwan republic soldiers near the door to the channel. she lifts the face of one of them, and it turns out to be Irith Hardhammer. she revives him and he vouches for them to all enter the channel.
-Archon Yukanis starts speaking from the channel, he and Andriya speak in the progenitor language. the archon says that he will submit to judgement after he tells his agents what must be done. he informs them of “the cycle”, which was created by the gods to prevent mortalkind from delving too deep into the nature of the universe and making the same mistakes as the progenitors. right now they are in a turning of the cycle, so the neutral gods must hold the line against the change brought on by the good and evil gods. the multitude of rebellions, including his own, are a result of this. the turmoil within the combine is as well, and it is being fueled by Eoric Deepsong. He too has “arisen” above his mortal status and seeks to manipulate the cycle, reason unknown. The archon charges them with finding out why and stopping him.
-He advises ollin to pay a visit to their friends, “under deep”.



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