Upstarts in Felac'Delb

Session 21


Dealing with Eoric
-The upstarts are hanging out in the meeting room, and they notice a strangely inscribed marble pillar. While the others are marveling at it, Ironbeard lays some traps.
-When they’re about to get in for a closer look, they hear a voice and spin around to see Eoric Deepsong. He tells them that their ambush was very predictable, and that their runes made it easy for him to confirm who was setting it up. Then Cosuv and several other obsidian heart commandoes roll in.
-The pillar surges with energy and they are glued to it with telekinetic force. Eoric begins his villain speech:
never liked the combine, consolidation was good, but the idea in practice was wanting
found out that AY wanted to separate about a decade ago
almost ratted him out
adopted separation idea and has been plotting since
The Drow incident opened his eyes
a small group of elves have enhanced themselves and are allowed to resist the combine
same power is needed if the dwarves are to achieve independence
Searching for powerful magic, eventually happens upon The Pillar of Subjugation
experiments on their own were slow going and costly, then recovered the pillar two years ago (right when Ollin started hearing about him) and made leaps and bounds
Osnithar was “inside” it, who has helped Eoric ascend and begin the separation effort (start wars and bend them towards separation)
says AY ascended, saw the cycle, and wished to hinder it, while Eoric saw it and wishes to use it to uplift the dwarves (osnithar demonstration turns an OH guy into a demon thingy)
objective is to help dwarves, killing upstarts doesn’t necessarily help, if they’d be allies (UPSTARTS NOTICE THAT THEIR RUNES ARE GETTING HOT)
autumnshade has gained much power, and though not a danger now, if Eoric goes, bad will happen
autumnshade hates him for imagined crimes: she believes her family was killed for supporting the ER, but keeps her identity and the truth hidden
elves have historically been the aggressors, and the drow are all vicious killers
elves took his son from him, which even though he’s a bastard, is still an insufferable insult
if eoric dies, the tension will escalate to a civil war. Millions of civilians will be killed on both sides.
the archons will yield to autumnshade’s power and recall their army from prack to unleash them on the dwarves
Eoric has been plotting a more elegant way to defeat those who oppose him that will require minimal bloodshed on both sides
After bold words from the upstarts, their runes explode with power, and they are freed from the pillar.
-Alphonse notices that some chunks of amethyst were blown off the pillar from the ‘splosion and can tell that they’re magical, so he goes to check them out. Ollin zones in on Cosuv and they lock into a duel. Ironbeard turns into THE IRONGOLEM.
-Alphonse figures out that the chunks are connected to Osnithar, and attacks them with his will, which harms Osnithar. Arcturus sows some chaos with well-placed arrows. When Osnithar comes around to attack Alphonse, his swing goes through Alphonse’s decoy.
-Ollin and Cosuv dance back and forth, Cosuv grapples Ollin and fails to hit, Ollin gets him wedged between a table and a wall. Eoric and his minions concentrate their attacks on ironbeard/golem.
-Finally, Ollin guts Cosuv and joins the others. When he dies, his spirit flies out and Osnithar grabs it and uses the “energy” to buff some of Eoric’s soldiers in there. Arcturus sets the place on fire by knocking a candelabra into a stack of scrolls, extremely burning Osnithar. Alphonse finishes him off with a final attack through the crystal chunk. Osnithar explodes!!!
-Finally, some palace guards come in and ask what’s going on. Eoric makes a run for it.
-They chase him though the palace, knocking finely-made decorations and furniture around in the pursuit. Ironbeard changes out of the golem form. They catch up to Eoric as he bursts into the king’s chambers.
-Eoric tells “His Fortitude” that these men are The Upstarts that have been causing problems for the dwarves and the Combine as a whole, and that he narrowly escaped their ambush. They must be imprisoned and held tried as war criminals.
-The upstarts tag team, with alphonse and ollin spinning a tale about how the King (in his presumed forgetfulness) asked them to be here, and that Eoric is trying to manipulate him. Arcturus and Ironbeard follow it up by telling the truth about Eoric’s power play and the involvement with the revenant of Haxiutm. The king hears them out, and calls for Eoric’s arrest and a trial.
-Eoric loses his cool and goes to strike the king, but the Queen intercepts him and attacks him with Semadran magic (lights him on fire). The palace guards come and restrain him and take him to a cell. The queen thanks them, and says that the dwarves are a people of peace, and only went to war with the Ekwan Republic on the information of Eoric Deepsong, who they’ve proven to be untrustworthy. As a gesture of good faith, she tells Ironbeard that he and his family are pardoned of their treason.

-Hilda shows up and gives Ironbeard a huge hug. She tells him that she couldn’t leave him, and followed them to the city. She has a ship ready that was planned as an escape vehicle, but now is a way back to Ekwa. Ironbeard says that he’s going to stay here as an ambassador, and names Hilda Ironbeard.
-They all have a discussion about what to do with Eoric, that is, whether the trial will be complete BS and lead to a simple prison sentencing where he deserves much worse. They decide that since Eoric wanted to make the dwarves slaves to Haxitum, they will make him a slave, and sell him to the Orcs. Alphonse makes his best copy of Eoric and they bust him out of the cell and make the switch.
-Ollin takes the ship back to Ekwa and begins his work to start the Ekwan CIA equivalent.
-Alphonse goes back to Eklesa, runs into Diana, and they have the dramatic WWII kiss moment. He then goes to the Mage’s tower to begin work with Alfred Stormway as part of The Sovereign’s Hand.
-While Arcturus is traveling with Eoric, he is approached by an old elven man, who claims to have some affiliation with Lamder. He asks Arcturus if he’s really going to inflict the pain of slavery (which he points out that Arcturus knows well) on this man. Arcturus feels really bad, but is unwilling to forgive Eoric. Instead of selling him, he takes him to the former Aruroran lands and releases him into the Unholy Fvavalk Kingdom to be a “free man” and learn some humility. He then returns to Ekwa to take his place amongst the Blood Eagles.



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