Upstarts in Felac'Delb

Session 9

The Showdown

-Alphonse tells Termina that they have to go to the palace because something is wrong, he’s a little freaked.
-Back at the palace, The Director shows up sword drawn and asks what the hell happened. Ollin, Arcturus, and Ironbeard explain the attack by the Combine infiltrators, and she gets pissed and says extreme measures need to be taken to get shit straight.
-Alphonse and Termina show up, and Alphonse says that they need to meet as a group because Archon Yukanis just contacted him (mentally). They go to Ethricil’s room, and Alphonse pulls out a white orb from one of Ethricil’s bags, and they gather around it. It glows purple and appears to crack open, and then they all get contacted by the Archon. He can tell that there’s a fifth person there, and he asks who it is, Alphonse explains and vouches for her. Termina says “nations are born in chaos”, and he digs it so he carries on. He explains that he’s been “looking in” on Ethricil every once in a while, and that he made Ethricil surrender to the Combine infiltrators so that the five of them can use him as a spying tool and stop the infiltrators.
-The Archon hacks Ethricil’s mind again, and they all see through his eyes. He’s in a house, and he can hear the Combine infiltrators talking about leaving through the docks. With their answer, they leave.
-The director intercepts them outside, and says that she needs them to follow her. She walks them down some hallways, and starts explaining that Bastion is named such, because when the Orcs ruled the world, it was the center of the slave trade. It was also the center of the world, and wanting to hold the center, they gathered a hundred wizards, who focused vast quantities of magical energy beneath the keep that could be called upon to create a barrier that would prevent anything from entering or leaving the city. It was never used however, since the city fell from betrayal, and not an all-out assault. She opened a secret passage and led them down, and they entered a stone chamber that had a strange ambient hum.
-She doesn’t know how to activate it though, so Alphonse and Ironbeard figure it out and activate it. Alphonse says that he’s gonna stay there because it needs someone to maintain it while it’s “running”. They all say cool and head out for the docks.
-Termina goes to take a shortcut to the docks, but on her way down, encounters the Kalashek ambassador, her guard, and an inconspicuous human man. The guard is startled and draws his sword, Termina says something to piss him off, then he slips about having a mage with them who would tear her apart. The third human, having had his cover blown, drops the illusion, and shows that he’s Alphonse. He explains that he saw the runes that the Archon promised him while they were in Ethricil’s room, so he grabbed them and is now taking his leave. He tells Termina that she should come with, and after some thinking, she agrees.
-The other three have left the palace and now face the switchback down to the docks. They look over the edge, and spot who they suspect to be the infiltrators. Ollin steps back a few paces, then makes a running leap off the cliff (about 200 feet down to the docks). HIs rune allows him to fall slower than freefalling, so he sticks the landing without issue. Arcturus pulls out a rope, and starts climbing down the cliff. Ironbeard turns the soles of his shoes into metal and makes strips of the rock face metal as well, and uses his magnetism magic to walk down.
-The group of infiltrators is boarding a small ship, and Ollin decides to stall them while the others arrive. He sneaks up and, in the weirdest voice possible, warns the infiltrators that if they leave the harbor, they will be plagued by zombie-ghosts for forever. All of them give him a wtf look for a few seconds, then they recognize him and draw weapons.
-By now the other two are within striking distance, so they join in. Ollin goes straight for Ethricil, who’s been tied up, and cuts his bonds and pushes him into the water. The dragon that got smuggled in flies down and attacks Ethricil, nearly killing him. Ironbeard tries to buy the wizard off mid-fight, but she dicks around and keeps him talking while the others fight. Termina sees the whole thing going down, and was compelled by her drunken vigilante alter-ego to join the fight. She sprints over, and does her thing.
-Ironbeard breaks their will to fight when he uses magnetism to catapult the wizard into the water, and she asks if his offer to join them is still good. Cosuv grabs the dagger out of one of the elves’ hands and says “this isn’t over”, then cuts his throat. Everyone is shocked for the moment, then a gray spirit-looking thing rises from his body and flies away toward Lorath. The two elves surrender, and the wizard calls off the dragon.
-Termina books it back to Alphonse, who has a ship ready, and they leave for the Kalashek capital, Iklesa.
-Ethricil recovers for a day, but the negotiations are resolved. The Pimen, Jaran, and Orc ambassadors agreed to some amount of trade with the Ekwan Republic.
-Everyone is confused as to why Termina and Alphonse left, but they assume they went to the Kalashek lands. Archon Yukanis contacts the three of them once the negotiations are over, and informs them that they’ll get to see Termina and Alphonse again, since there’s a rather large problem in the Kalashek lands that needs resolving, and if representatives of the Ekwan republic were there to facilitate it, the Kalashek would be in their debt…



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