Alphonse Hayek

kalashek wizard


occupation: wizard

High Concept: No Ordinary Wizard
Trouble: Honesty Is For Bad Liars
-Tricks Up My Sleeve
-The Few People Who Matter
-Flair For The Dramatic

great- deceive
good- will, divination, illusion, abjuration
fair- evocation (force), provoke, investigate, burglary
average- rapport, contacts, lore, notice, empathy, resources

Arcane Magic (2 refresh)- get access to illusion and abjuration magic. Get a +1 to illusion and the mana cost for all spell enhancements done for illusion are reduced by 1.
Arcane Magic (1 refresh)- get access to divination and evocation (force). Get a +1 to divination and the mana cost for all spell enhancements done for abjuration are reduced by 1.
Mask of Many Faces- you can assume the appearance of any person for a fate point using illusion to disguise yourself.
Scrying Adept- reduce the time necessary to complete a clairvoyance/clairaudience or a locate person/object divination ritual by two time increments.
Invisible Hand- you can manipulate objects with the full dexterity of your hands at a distance via force evocation.
Mantle of Defense- you can use abjuration to defend against physical attacks.

Hadrime mage robes
quarterstaff (Power Battery)
ribbon with gold inlay (arcane focus)
plain gray mask (mask of many faces focus)
polished and engraved silver disk (scrying adept focus)
fine embroidered gloves (invisible hand focus)
finely-made mantle (mantle of defense focus)

Alphonse’s Rune (Mastermind):
-mind games: you can use deceive to inflict composure stress in a conflict.
-create phantoms: create illusory people, with the summonable advance as well as three others. They have the aspect “figment of your imagination”, and may not cause their targets to take consequences (they deal only stress).


Alphonse Hayek

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