Heinrich Pjotlmann

Kalashek Technologist


Custom Vessel
Prototype Vessel

    Bergeron – halfling
    Kirsten – halfling, Bergeron's sister
    Jeddre – ogre
    Gantz – human

5    Pilot
4    Contacts
3    Alertness, Science
2    Deceit, Ranged Weapons, Endurance
1    Rapport, Leadership, Resolve, Might, Athletics

Shipyard Veteran
Flight of the Pjotlkraft
Always Right
Thorn in the Sage's Side
Nagging, Cheating Wife
Technology has a Solution
Greasy Bastard
The Pjotlkrew


-well-known* boatwright, technology can eventually do anything magic can do, they set the bar of him flying, he vows that he will not come back until he can fly, does so in 3 years
-*involved in Navy
-relationship with wife goes to meh, he leaves her in capital when he does his flying thing, she openly cheats on him with Viserigon, not much sympathy for him
-flosshilde accuses him of sleeping with his halfling assisstant, Kirsten
-enemy of my enemy with barthanas
-beef with sage class arcane magic not different from divine. In addition: “flight is no longer just the domain of the sages”
-alphonse’s friend curses him, und he knows the Alhponsemann

Heinrich Pjotlmann

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