Occupation: merchant

-A Family Business
-Conflict of interest
-Everybody Loves a Merchant
-I’ve Got Just the Potion
-Gold-Plated Diamond-Studded Magic Missile

great- alteration, rapport
good- nature, crafts, divination
fair- evocation, lore, resources, empathy
average- notice, pilot, contacts, will, fighting

(2) Arcane Magic-alteration and nature. +1 to nature and -1 mana cost for alteration
(1) Arcane Magic-divination and evocation. +1 to evocation and -1 mana cost for divination
(1) Potions-imbue a liquid with spellpower in a ritual. when used, it can roll magic skill corresponding to the enhancement
(1) Trap Maker-with access to an area, can place trap(s) which allow you to arbitrarily take an extra attack or create advantage action using crafts once in that scene. extra traps in the scene cost fate points.
(1) Well-traveled-in an area where you’re well-known, use rapport in place of contacts

Ironbeard’s rune (Alchemist):
Magnetism-can use evocation (lightning) to move metal objects from a distance
Major Alteration-can efffect drastic changes on the environment, making all advantages you create with alteration scene aspects



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