Ollin Gualimozin

Elven Rogue (assassin)


-A blade for a good cause?
-But this time, it’s worth it
-Atilax fighting style
-Secrets to share and to keep
-Always on the defense (socially)

great- athletics, stealth
good- fighting, physique, deceive
fair- lore, notice, investigation, shooting
average- burglary, provoke, will, contacting, empathy

Infiltrator- use investigation to case a site instead of burglary
Killing Stroke- once per scene when you force an opponent to take a consequence, you can pay a fate point to make it worse by one step (minor becomes major, etc)
Backup Weapon- any time you are hit with a “disarmed” situation aspect, you can spend a fate point to downgrade it to a boost, as you have another weapon on hand that you switch to
Ninja Vanish- Once per scene, you can vanish while in plain sight by spending a fate point, using a smoke pellet or other mysterious technique. Tis places the Vanished situation aspect on you. While you’re vanished, no one can attack or create an advantage on you until after they’ve succeeded at an overcome roll with Notice to suss out where you went (basically meaning they have to give up an exchange to try). This aspect goes away as soon as you invoke it, or someone makes that overcome roll.

Ollin’s rune (Predator):
Feather Fall- you can’t be hurt by falls
Fear of the Dark- when you and your target are in the dark, you can use stealth in place of provoke


Born in the slums of Nith during the orcish occupation, Ollin Gualimozin learned at an early age that he had to choose between killing or being killed in order to survive. His expertise in the stealthy but graceful art of assassination served him well after the orcs were driven out of what would become the Combine. Ollin was hired at 20 years of age to serve as one of the new government’s first secret agents. Though he has loyally served the Combine for the past forty years, Ollin has recently begun to regret committing numerous murders in its name.

Ollin ultimately severed ties with the Combine during his last mission, when he had to watch over a suspicious Combine politician on a sea voyage from Nith to Jera. After the ship’s passengers and crew successfully fended off a pirate attack, the politician revealed himself to be an archon named Yukanis and offered his new allies the chance to help him found an Ekwan Republic. Ollin was initially skeptical of Yukanis’ plan to create a more just society, but the assassin was soon convinced of the archon’s sincerity after a secret meeting.

Since the nautical assault, Ollin has joined a motley crew of adventurers to convince the Combine’s citizens in Ekwa that they should join Archon Yukanis in his bold scheme. They have already won over the local governor, or “ishane” in Elven, and a garrison guarding a magical nexus, but their work is far from done.

Within the nexus laid an ancient keeper that offered extraordinary power to Ollin and his allies. With a wary but dutiful mind, Ollin undertook the literal trials by judge and combat necessary to gain a magical rune. Though he resisted a diabolical judge’s tormenting charges against him for a time, Ollin fell prey to his guilt and submitted to the devil’s ruling. When he fought the same devil alongside his comrades, however, he redeemed himself; when Alphonse disarmed the creature, Ollin grabbed the sword and ran him through. With his mental quest partially successful, Ollin now can hide more easily and fall from great heights like his childhood heroes…

Ollin Gualimozin

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