Richard and Christina Selmy

Hired Muscle


Richard Selmy is a Kalashek of the warrior caste. He’s got a mean face, and has the nickname “Rick Stern”. He suffered a terrible injury early in life in a conflict against The Orcs, and was judged not worth the amount of healing that would be required to save his life. A mage was saw his body and decided that Richard would be an excellent subject for some experiments of his, and requisitioned the body. The end result is that Rick must keep a blade called Fury close to him at all times because it contains part of his soul and is the only way for him to heal. The sword heals him and provides sustenance by feeding from the earth.

Christina (Tina) is Rick’s younger sister. She is very close in age to her brother, so when time came for them to be trained as warriors, they were not separated, but trained to work as a team. Rick was more suited to the ways of the warriors, and having already grown up in his shadow, Tina learned to let him get all the attention when engaging, and flank the opponents to devastating effect. Eventually, she and her brother parted ways, and she was posted to domestic protection. She and another warrior worked as the protection to a wealthy sculptor from the craftsmen caste, and she began to find her niche in life. She was very good at the shadowy business that her patron had her doing, and she saw that the caste system wasn’t enough for her. She was something more (some would say less) than a warrior, and she saw it as a way to make her mark on society. Her brother Rick returned home in questionable shape thanks to Fury, and they were both hired by William Barthanas, where her plans for power were expanded…

Richard and Christina Selmy

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