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  • The Crew of the Intrepid

    The Intrepid was captained by an elf named Azacta, who was more of a businessman than a sailor. His first mate Airan was the real sailor. The crew was completely elven. [[:ollin-gualimozin | Ollin Gualimozin]], [[:alphonse | Alphonse Hayek]], the dwarf …

  • The Garrison at the Channel

    The outpost at the Channel rarely sees any action, since its far from the front lines of known battlefields. A presence is maintained there to guard the Channel from any intruders.Captain Nurmala is the ranking officer at the Combine's outpost at The …

  • Cosuv

    Cosuv is a Dwarven Spy, presumably of the Order of the Obsidian Heart. He and a few others were sent to [[The Free Cities of Jara | Bastion]] to sabotage the talks between the Ekwan Republic, [[The Free Cities of Jara | The Free Cities of Jara]], a number …

  • Ililsa

    Ililsa is considered the most proficient fire wizard in the Combine. She was intended to be the backup plan in case Cosuv and his infiltrators didn't succeed in their attempt to sabotage the trade meeting at Bastion.

  • Eoric Deepsong

    As the Leader of the Order of the Obsidian Heart, Eoric Deepsong answers only to the Dwarven King. The Obsidian Heart is the covert operations branch of the dwarven military.