Tag: ETG


  • Bartholomew Anderstein

    Bartholomew has kept his past in the dark, as any good mastermind. He helped to teach [[:alphonse | Alphonse Hayek]] in the ways of deceit and subtlety. Bart runs a "thieves guild" organization in the city of Eklesa.

  • Diana Anderstein

    The daughter of [[:bartholomew-anderstein | Bartholomew Anderstein]]. Diana fell in love with [[:alphonse | Alphonse Hayek]] while he was learning the sneaky ways from her father.

  • Eklesan Thieves' Guild

    The name shows that they're based in Eklesa, the capital city of [[The Kalashek | The Kalashek]]. They are lead by [[:bartholomew-anderstein | Bartholomew Anderstein]] and his daughter [[:diana-anderstein | Diana Anderstein]]. [[:alphonse | Alphonse Hayek …