Tag: Felac'Dora


  • Hilal, The Keeper

    The Keeper is a being formed from spirit energy into one of [[In The Beginning|The Progenitors]] who helped to construct and design the Channel. She was created and bound to the Channel by [[Tanas]] and [[Neyathir]] to guard the Channel and to instruct …

  • Andriya

    When the Gods turned against [[In The Beginning | The Progenitors]], Andriya was a young girl, and completely innocent as far as anyone was concerned. [[Semadra]] saw her innocence and wished to save her from the carnage around her. She was transformed, …

  • Sishkaat

    Whatever Sishkaat was before [[In The Beginning | the end of his people]] is mostly gone, and was replaced with an abundance of cold malice. He and several other worshippers of [[Sheshtui | Sheshtui]] infiltrated and wiped out the temple to Semadra in the …

  • Osnithar

    Osnithar was a leader amongst worshippers of [[Haxitum | Haxitum]] in his time. Now he is a true executor of his master's will, and seeks to put unruly forces under the thumb of the powerful and crush those that resist.