Tag: Orc


  • Lord Gonthu

    Lord Gonthu controls a sizeable amount of land at the [[The Orcs | Orc]]/[[The Combine | Combine]] (now Republic) border on [[Ekwa]]. He and his men are known for antagonizing the villages on the other side of the border, roughing them up at times to get …

  • Rabad

    Rabad is one of the few orc wizards in their lands. His main value is his skill with blood magic, and he often sells his service to lords in exchange for slaves or gold.

  • Lagto Gjinchar Takosh

    Gjinchar Takosh appears to be very civilized for a worshipper of [[Dumat | Dumat]], let alone an Orc. He bears the sigil of a clenched bloody fist. The title Lagto translates from old orcish to something along the lines of a battle-brother, if said …