In The Beginning

(the first two millennia)
The Gods created (together, or at least mostly together) one race, which populated the world and had great magical affinity. They called themselves Felac’dora, but we call them the progenitors. The progenitors were truly great, and as a people, were masters of all trades. They owed everything to the gods. The progenitors grew powerful though, and expanded into the planes. The gods were impressed and alarmed at the abilities of their creation. The progenitors’ desire for knowledge and expansion knew no bounds, and a time came when their desire focused on the essence of godhood.

At first the gods were amused that their own creation had come full circle and now wanted to know about them. This amusement turned to fear first, then outright paranoia thanks to Sheshtui. Even the good-aligned gods saw the danger in the progenitors, and they convened to examine the situation. While the ultimate fate of the progenitors was being argued over, the quest for knowledge and expansion pushed on.

After a year of debate, the gods had their solution: the progenitors would be destroyed, and a new race with no magical ability would take their place in the universe. The nature of this race was a source of great debate, but the gods agreed that it could wait until after the progenitors had been destroyed. All at once, the universe turned against the progenitors, and within a matter of days, they were removed from the universe. Everything had gone according to plan, or so they thought.

During the debate, Neyathir, the patron of magic and science, always argued against making a race cut off from magic. He was always outnumbered, and grew lost faith in the supposed wisdom of the other gods. In secret, he and Caya, the god of whimsy, worked on a way to preserve some of the Felac’dora society. During the genocide, Neyathir and Caya “destroyed” the progenitor cities and people by sucking them into vortices in sky. The cities were seemed to be destroyed, but in fact had been scattered across the universe in a pattern only Neyathir could understand. While the rest of the gods argued over the nature of the new race, Neyathir did an accounting of the salvage, and reconstructed the captured cities as best he could.

It quickly became clear that the “one new race” idea would simply not work, and thus the gods went their separate ways and made races as they saw fit. Having invested the energy to create a race from scratch, the gods wanted recognition for their work from their work. They would not receive it, for all the races had no magical ability, and knowledge of the magical would shatter the relative peace of the world. The evil gods would suffer this peace knowing that it was the price to be paid for security. A year of this peace had made the gods anxious. As superior and almighty as they were, they were upset that they could not have the attention of their creations.

Fortunately, while the rest of the gods were going stir crazy, Neyathir had been busy rebuilding the progenitor cities, and he saw that the return of magic would be welcomed by the gods. He revealed to them that he had saved some of the works of the progenitors, but that most remained lost. Aside from the shock they felt at having been defied in such a crucial matter, the gods felt ready to give mortal magic another try. The progenitors had developed the ability to infuse other creatures with magic, which had miraculously survived the genocide (whether by sheer coincidence or by the doing of Caya is unknown).

The new plan was to put the cities and works back where they were, and enough clues around so that anyone who sought to unravel the mystery of the progenitors would eventually be able to release magic upon the world. This pleased Dumat greatly, and he hoped that it would spiral out of control as it did with the Felac’dora, and lead to an unending cycle of destruction. Fortunately for the newly created people, most of the gods were determined to get magic right this time.

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In The Beginning

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