There are four main languages in Felac’Delb: Elven, Dwarvenese, Kalashek, and Orcish.

Elven originates from western Lorath and was created by the Elves. It has three dialects:
*Vapanese-spoken by the elves of the north who practice the older traditions.
*Brush Elven-the most common form of elven, it is spoken by everyone from forest hunter to city merchant
*High Elven-spoken by the wizards/nobility, used mostly for spell mnemonics, but is also used in poetry and song

Dwarvenese originates from eastern Lorath and was created by the Dwarves. It has two dialects:
*Stone Tongue-serves as the backbone of the language, it can be used to talk about anything in general terms. Everyone who “speaks dwarvenese” knows stone tongue.
*Silver Tongue-used for documentation and legal work. It has a specialized vocabulary that makes business dealings more precise

Kalashek originates from the Humans and Halflings of northern Prack. It has four dialects:
*True Kalashek-the Kalashek language as The Kalashek speak it. It is also spoken by The Polaris and The Pimen. When they refer to it in their own language, it’s simply called “language”. “True Kalashek” is a name given to it by outsiders.
*Halithrek-the language of The Aurorans and The Numiri. It is an offshoot of True Kalashek.
*Hesca-the language of The Hesca. It has several borrowed and “corrupted” words from Vapanese, as a significant elven population existed there when the humans settled.

Orcish originates from the various races (mostly the Orcs) of southern Prack. It has two dialects:
*Hafi-the language as it came about from the orcs who lived in the relative safety of the city Haf. Hafi is spoken by the Inner Lords
*Yaram-spoken by the Border Lords. It is also used in battles, as it contains shorter words that are easier to yell at the top of your lungs


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