The Kalashek

A nation composed of predominately humans and halflings who refused to accept divine magic and the ways of The Gods after the re-introduction of magic. Their territory is roughly rectangular, outlined by the city Eklesa (their capital), the city Shan, Lake Blasa, the channel, and the border with The Combine on Prack. They are on friendly terms with The Hirogen and The Free Cities of Jara. They have a mutual non-agression treaty with The Combine, and are at war with The Orcs. The Kalashek are run by an elected king and an elected senate. The senate advises the king and is responsible for bringing him information about their constituents. They rule over their territories, though the king’s word obviously trumps theirs. Though they are isolationist, they have strict policies about non-discrimination, with the exception of religious people.

Practicing religion is punishable by exile or fines, while practicing divine magic is punishable by exile or death. Dealing with practitioners is not such a big problem because the agreement the Kalashek made with the Hirogen is designed to give people with religious inclinations a place where they can live and still be in a society that embraces the divine.
The culture of the Kalashek is puzzling to most outsiders. They believe strongly in selflessness and seeing a bigger picture, but simultaneously reject the idea that there is something good waiting for them if they die sacrificing themselves for others. The only reward they believe in is serving their people and their future. That is the highest honor.

The Kalashek continue to build strength (scientifically, magically, and militarily) for no apparent purpose, and have been known to drive off or kill people who enter their territory without a satisfactory reason. What defines satisfactory is anyone’s guess.

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The Kalashek

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