The Orcs

The Orc lands extend from southern Prack to the Yara-Mal mountains. They also control half of the island of Ekwa. Orc society at present includes (besides orcs) goblinoids, giantkind, and slaves from all races. The society is highly discriminatory, favoring orcs and half-orcs. There is no one ruler, but there are many many lords and despots who control their bit of land and deal with others to ensure their survival. These lords fall into one of two categories:

The Border Lords control land on the borders of orc territory, and their lives revolve around fighting. They generally fight whoever is on the other side of the border (The Combine, The Kalashek, or The Aurorans), but they have been known to attack each other to gain territory or standing within the border lord community. The Border lords produce very little for themselves, but they trade slaves and loot to get the basics. Border lords are almost exclusively orcs.

The Bored Lords are called such because they don’t make their living off of fighting, but rather off of production. They have reluctantly taken to the name, though they sometimes refer to each other as the Inner Lords. These lords control much larger territories, and control most of the land that the orcs claim collectively. The Bored Lords are less concerned with petty racial issues and more so with turning a profit. Its not unheard of for a human or even an elf to be a bored lord. It means nothing that most foreign races serve as their slaves. Its not a racial issue, its just business. Such people should be careful for their lives though, because bored lords play the cloak-and-dagger game and will assassinate their competitors if it proves to be in their best interest.

Most outsiders prefer to stay away from the Orcs, however the well-traveled or the well-armed have always been willing to work with them.

See Orcs for more information on their society.

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The Orcs

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