Arcturus Thrayne

Ex-Slave human ranger


Occupation: Ranger


  • High concept: Slave turned ranger
  • Trouble: The last honest man
  • Scarred body, innocent heart
  • (ex)Worshipper of Lambder
  • Blood Eagle

Superb: Investigate
Great: Physique, Shoot, Rapport
Good: Athletics, Stealth, Notice
Fair: Empathy, Fight, Will, Lore
Average: Deceive, Provoke, Burglary, Contacts


  • Focused Senses: Take a moment to focus one sense and gain a +2 to Investigate with that sense, and take a – 2 to the other senses.
  • Quick Shot: You can use shooting in place of alertness to determine initiative.
  • Thick-Skinned: Gain an extra physical stress box.
  • Best Foot Forward: When you create an advantage with rapport, it becomes a scene aspect instead of a boost.
  • Talk to the Animals: Once per session you may use Rapport to speak with animals and ask them to perform some task for you.

Arcturus’ rune (Ranger):

  • Tougher than Nails: you may roll physique to begin the recovery process of a consequence instead of seeking healing
  • Called Shot: Once per Shoot roll you may pay a Fate Point to hit a specific area of the target.

Arcturus Thrayne was born into slavery. He grew up living in the domain of one of the Border Lords, acting as a serving boy and hunting companion. He was one of the luckier ones, with Lord Orgnaq Uthrim treating him better than some of his other slaves. Through serving Uthrim (mostly as a hunting partner), Arcturus learned the majority of his Orcish and archery. But things took a turn for the worse when he turned 13. Uthrim lost Arcturus in a bet to another Border Lord, Zonam Damshred. Under Damshred, Arcturus’ life became a living hell as hard labor and routine beatings became his life for the next 10 years. Opportunity for an escape presented itself when Combine forces attacked Damshred’s lands, allowing Arcturus to flee from his master’s home. He wandered plains and forests for a few years before finally making it to the Combine lands of Prack. He took time to adjust to the reappearance of civilization, but was able to slowly make a living for himself hunting and working as a guide. Whenever he had the chance, he would aid any slave he could find, leading them to free lands outside of orc control.

Living in Combine lands, Arcturus honed his people skills, learning to work well with others and not to judge too quickly. However, his time spent under Combine rule placed him within the strict ghettoes of the regime, leading him to the conclusion that he had traded slavery for oppression. Disenchanted by the Combine rule, Arcturus made for Nith, hearing of a ship that would take passengers to the Free Cities of Jera. As he anticipated a new life in Jera, he could hardly foresee that he’d get involved in the creation of a new nation.

Arcturus Thrayne

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